Steel Fences Brisbane

Steel Fences Brisbane, a division of Steel Giants, are solely developing, manufacturing and selling innovative steel fences for the fence industry. They provide a diverse range of products, with quality manufacturing and superior coatings that has lead them towards an established position in the Fence industry.

Steel Fences Brisbane provides a complete range of steel fences for residential, commercial or industrial needs.

Commercial Fencing
Steel Giants have redefined the old commercial fencing technique consisting of chain links with barb wire strands. We have introduced products that will provide the high level security to commercial properties and will also give an artistic look to the security fences installed. We provide decorative steel and welded steel fences, apart from the several other commercial steel fences. Our steel fences have the necessary strength that will provide the required security. Commercial fences are provided for apartments, storage areas, schools, municipals and institutions.

Steel Fences Brisbane

Residential Fencing
Steel Giants also provide decorative and ornamental fences for pools, backyards and dogs. Our residential steel fences are highly demanded by contractors in Brisbane. We provide innovative designs for fences and coatings that require no maintenance. This is why customers are satisfied with are high quality and affordable steel fences. Residential fences are provided for estates, pools, pets, backyards and builders.

Industrial Fencing
Steel Giants provide industrial fencing that has molded the architectural arena. We offer steel fences that have durability and superior strength. Our industrial fences have rocked the fencing markets by setting high standards. We provide coatings that are more durable and increase the product life of the fences. Our progressive fence designs have raised the strength of the fence, and have become popularly known as the strongest fence systems.  Industrial fences are provided for parks & recreations, stadiums, public housings, manufacturing facilities and retail outlets.

Steel Fences Brisbane2

High Security Fencing
We at Steel Giants always aim for better protection of the residents in Brisbane. We have manufactured high security fence systems that will protect and secure risk facilities. We also provide anti ram barriers and anti-climb fences that have now been installed at thousands of different perimeters in Brisbane. We provide high security fences for petro-chemical, federal & military, airports, power utility and transportation facilities.

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