Steel installation Brisbane

Steel installation Brisbane is a complete service company that provides steel fabrication and installations. They specialize in petrochemical, industrial, mining, steel mill, commercial and refining projects. Since the company’s inception, customers have hired us for providing designs for steel, its fabrications and then installation on their projects. This company performs all the phases from the supply of steel to its installations. We offer customers different options of services from the conception to its completion. We supply the task of designs, detailing, fabricating, finishing and installing. We offer the customers with professional and flexible management that will assure that your project is finished on time and it is of the highest quality.

Steel installation Brisbane provides the following complete range of services.

We have a team of experts who provide excellent details of drawings. Using the latest 3d modeling software, we fully integrate the processes for any type of project. This will illustrate all the pieces of the project and where they will fit, before the fabrication process is started.

Steel installation Brisbane

we have a state of the art facilities for fabrication purposes that will ensure that the exact replica of the detailing drawings are followed. We follow the fabrication guidelines when the parts reach the welding and fit-up phase of the process. There is not type of project we can’t handle and even fabricate small items such as railings and stairs.

Our team at Steel Giants are capable enough to perform the erection phase themselves. This way we are able to effectively control all the activities during the installation phase.

Steel installation Brisbane2

Product Capability
We also provide services beyond constructions, and are capable in fabricating any steel item. We can build the steel item to the exact specification and type. We provide fabrications of hanging racks, solar supports, fences, posts, storage bins and any other customized steel part. We also have the ability of making stainless steel products.

Apart from the detailing, fabrication and installation services, we also provide consultancy services on any project in the designing phase. We are a certified steel fabricator and erector company and provide a high Quality Assurance.

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