Steel posts Brisbane

Steel posts Brisbane

If you are looking for steel posts Brisbane products, Steel Giants are the most reputable manufacturers in the entire continent. We have the most friendly and dedicated staff. We are proud to provide high quality steel posts and deliver a friendly service. The main purpose of our company is to constantly enhance our services and excel in this business.

The best aspect of our products is the highest quality standards maintained during the manufacturing processes. The tube used to make these steel posts is from the best distributor in Australia. This tube consists of a thick Gal coating from the inside and outside, which are only used in the most corporate buildings. The standard top plates we provide offer uniform finish and amazing strength. We provide steel posts in different measurements, including Tee, Straight, Corner Top, Concrete bottom plates and half plates.

steel posts Brisbane

We make sure that all the steel posts are properly welded to ensure completely sealed contacts. A zinc primer is then painted on the welded parts, providing protection from corrosion. The materials we use in our steel posts meet all the standards set by the Australian law, because we believe quality makes the difference.

steel posts Brisbane 2

Our company is always ready to service customers in all the areas of Brisbane.  We have our own trucks that deliver on a daily basis, however if you want to choose your own mode of transportation we will respect that.

By using state-of-the-art steel posts manufacturing processes, we are able to maintain high level efficiency and quality control. All of this results in durable and economical products available locally in Brisbane. We at Steel Giants are committed in providing the highest quality steel posts at competitive rates.

Every job that involves steel needs high quality raw materials. Steel Giants have a commitment to its steel posts Brisbane customers that in each step of the fabrication process, we use top quality materials. We produce all our steel posts according to the premier standard and we can provide it in any size and quantity you require for your construction. The technical and management teams working at our steel fabricators are experienced and dedicated towards providing best products every time.

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